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with Justin Brown
Yakov Kasman
with Paul Mosteller at UAB
with Kseniia Polstiankina and Nikolai Lugansky
with Aleksandra Kasman in Orel, Russia
with Mikhail Voskressensky
with Sofya Gulyak
with Vadim Rudenko and Tatyana Roshchina
with John Roos in 1991
with John Roos in 2010
with Maxim Shostakovich
with JoAnn Faletta
with Valentin Zhuk and Victor Yampolsky, Door County Festival, Wisconsin
The Kasmans and Jascha Bistritzky during Richter International Piano Competition, Moscow 2005
with Shinik Hahm
with Dame Fanny Waterman
with Jon Nakamatsu